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Research Understanding the impact women have on women to maximise the power women have as a collective

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Leading Through a Pandemic and Beyond

As we adjusted to a new reality, we aimed to capture and share leaders’ stories about the changing landscape of business. Our goal was to preserve lessons learned and insights gained throughout the coronavirus pandemic, to build connections between people and

to create a more sustainable business world by identifying common leadership mindsets.

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Info+GraphicDeveloping Female Mental Toughness in Male Dominated Industries

The team are halfway through their action research programme exploring the effectiveness of coaching in developing mental toughness for women in leadership. Specifically focusing on the identity, purpose and self awareness, factors that emerged in our director Karen Powell MSc, MAPPCP research (summarised below) Some interesting insights are already surfacing about the factors that influence identity at work particularly the role female stereotypes play. Two strong characters emerging are the “Honorary Male” and “superbitch” neither being positive influencers! Self awareness is key in knowing your impact on others. Call out to all female leaders - do you default to these stereotypes , do you understand the impact this has on other females in your organisation?

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